Tealight Sample Set

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Buy a scented product online without even knowing what it smells like?  Yeah, we wouldn't do that either.  Our tealight sample set is the perfect way to test all of our fragrances to find your favorite scent without breaking the bank.


Set includes 1 tealight each of every scent we carry.  Approx. burn time is 3-4 hours per tealight.

CONTAINERS:  Our containers are finished with a matte black treatment which can show fingerprints over time.  This is very easy to remove with paper towel and a window cleaner.  

BURNING:  Before each use, wick should be trimmed to 1/4".  To maintain optimal performance, candles should be burned until the melt pool reaches the edge of the container, but not to exceed 3-4 hours at a time.  Failure to do so can result in wax buildup around the edge of the container.

SAFETY:  Please follow all safety instructions on warning label when burning our candles.  

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